Centre stage for MINISTAR - Presenting the winners of the European MINISTAR Contest 2005/06


A quantum leap in innovative design

MINISTAR, the world's smallest halogen reflector lamp, brings unmatched freedom of expression to luminaire and furniture designers. To encourage luminaire manufacturers and design students to exploit this potential to the full, OSRAM launched a European MINISTAR Contest.

Numerous fixtures were submitted in the categories ceiling, pendant, wall, table, floor and furniture. A jury of six international lighting experts - Hannelore Kress Adams (Germany), Prof. Wojciech Zagan (Poland), Renato M. de Toffol (Switzerland), Wilfried Pohl, Christian Anselm (Austria) and Keven Verdun (UK) - assessed the design, technical and functional merits of the fixtures.


Die Gewinner des European MINISTAR Contest 2005/06 (Von links nach rechts:)
Dieter K. Weis - Casablanca Leuchten GmbH, 2. Platz Leuchtenhersteller; Martin Bachler - OSRAM GmbH, Nick Lobeck, 3. Platz Studenten; Jürgen Glauner - LDM GmbH, 3. Platz Leuchtenhersteller; Johannes Marmon, 1. Platz Studenten; Jens Ahrens - Wofi Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG, 1. Platz Leuchtenhersteller

OEM winners

Three very different designs swept the field in the OEM Contest. The first prize went to a table luminaire the jury judged to be "the perfect solution for a MINISTAR Axial Reflector" - small, compact and light with an excellent transformer and touch- dim function.


Student winners

The first prize went to a German student. The flexibility, versatility and material minimalism of his design convinced the jury.


MINISTAR luminaires in the market

A number of luminaires are already offering customers in countries throughout Europe the unique benefits made possible by the world's smallest halogen reflector lamp.

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